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Vellum Wax Sealing Guide

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Vellum Wax Sealing Guide

Vellum wax is one of of my favourite mediums to experiment with. They add a touch of elegance to anything, perfect if you want to create that soft aesthetic which I am always aspiring to. The semi transparency of the wax means that you can experiment with different envelope colours, paper types and best of all layers!

In this post I will share with you some tips and my favourite ways to use vellum wax.

Vellum wax tips

Note&Wish - How to use vellum wax

  • Compared to usual wax beads, more wax is required for one wax seal impression. For a standard 25mm stamp, I use one full spoon of vellum wax.
  • A longer heating time is required compared to normal wax.
  • Vellum wax is more viscous and pours more slowly. This also means that it is messier so be prepared to use more kitchen towels!

Vellum Wax Ideas

Vellum wax with wax seal stamps

Note&Wish - Vellum Wax Sealing Guide

Vellum wax looks beautiful simple as it is and no further decoration needed. It can be hard to see the detail of wax seals, which is why I often highlight it with gold ink or powder. Check this tutorial out to see how I achieve this.

I personally love the look of vellum wax with vellum envelopes, softness on top of softness. If you find this perhaps too delicate, darker colour envelopes also look beautiful.


Vellum wax, blank stamps and dried flowers or stamps.

Note&wish vellum wax sealing guide

Blank sealing stamps are perfect for vellum wax! The semi transparency means that anything you add underneath the wax will come peeping through. It is simply magical!

I love to use dried flowers, leaves and even postage stamps and stickers. The item could be fully covered by the wax or peeping out.

One tip is stick down the item first with glue before you pour the wax otherwise the item might move when pouring and your seal might not be in your intended place.

You could also pour a little bit of wax first, place the item and them pour the remaining wax on top. Using this technique means that the item will be seen more clearly, as it is closer to the surface of the wax.

Another way is to pour the wax first then place the item before sealing.  

Vellum wax with colour wax

Note&wish - vellum wax sealing guide

This might be my favourite way of using vellum wax, it really creates stunning results!

For this marble look add half a sealing wax bead with a full spoon of vellum wax. To create a marble semi transparent/wax impression stir it minimally to prevent the coloured wax from mixing completely with the vellum wax, which causes a more opaque sealing wax. You can experiment with different amounts of wax and colours to achieve different looks.

Products used:

Floral Moon Wax Seal Stamp

Semi-Clear Sealing Beads

Blank Seal Stamp


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