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Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box

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Only 2 left

Only 2 left

Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box
Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box with extra Flower in a Vase Stamp
Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box with extra Little Butterfly Stamp
Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box with extra Flower in a Vase & Little Butterfly Stamp

We are so so happy to release our newest stationery box - Butterfly Meadows!! 

Our Butterfly Meadows Stationery Box took inspiration from our visit to the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge last year. We marvelled at the delicate butterfly displays and we thought how amazing it would have been to study the butterflies and flora of England.

We took this spark of inspiration and we started to learn more about the butterflies of England. Jessica pored over old natural history books and Rebecca drew butterfly and botanical illustrations using pencil colours.

For each of our boxes we like to explore a new craft and incorporate it in the handmade element. This time we have created a beautiful pressed flower charm which features dried purple Hydrangea petals and Queen Anne's Lace. 

We really enjoyed creating the pieces for this stationery box and we hope you will love it too! Some items have been revealed here but the rest will be a surprise for you when you receive it! Read on for spoilers and more details.  If you're new to our stationery boxes, have a watch of some unboxing videos here. 

Stationery Box Details 

This stationery box is filled with exclusive Note & Wish products, all lovingly drawn and designed by us. Beautiful hand drawn butterfly and botanical illustrations, scanned handwritten quotes from old textbooks and elegant hand drawn frames adorn our spring designs.

- 1 x 'Butterfly Frame' sealing stamp with a wooden handle and a stick of wax. It comes in a velvet pouch, packed in a cardboard gold-foiled presentation box. This stamp will only be available in the box and will not be released separately. 
- 6  x completely new unreleased Note & Wish washi tapes (as shown in the photo)

An Illustrated Guide - Washi Tape with Release Paper (50mm x 5m)
Butterfly Meadows (30mm x 10m)
Flower Journal (15mm x 10m)
Butterfly Journal (15mm x 10m)
Meadow Notes (8mmx 10m)
Classic Days (8mm x 10m)

- 1 x 'Classic Frames' glossy transparent PET tape with clear plastic peel-off backing (50mm x 5m)
- 6 x matching sticker sheets
- 1 x handmade pressed flower glass charm 
- 1 x stick of wax 

Enjoy a 25% saving if you purchase the stationery box compared to buying the items separately (Total retail value of the box is £77) We're also offering free UK shipping and discounted international shipping for every stationery box, more details below.

Extra add ons

As an extra add on, you can also upgrade your stationery box to include two new sealing stamps, 'Flower in a Vase' and 'Little Butterfly'. These stamps are both new unreleased designs available first to our stationery box customers. Each stamp is £18 (RRP £20) and includes a 10% discount.

- Extra add on 'Flower in a Vase', 32mm x 15mm, oval sealing stamp with wooden handle and velvet pouch (Please note this does not come in a box)
- Extra add on 'Little Butterfly', 30mm x 15mm brass stamp. This comes packed in a small presentation box.


Q: Can I purchase other products from your shop? 

A: Yes you can! 

Q: Will you release the sealing stamps and washi tape separately? 

A: The washi tapes and stickers will be released separately later on in mid April. The 'Butterfly Frame' sealing stamp is a limited edition design only available in this stationery box. If we have any remaining stock it will be released separately, but we will not restock it. 'Flower in a Vase' and 'Little Butterfly' will be released separately if any stock is remaining. 

Q: Do you ship to ___? 

Yes we ship worldwide! If your country is not listed then please send us a message. Unfortunately to a certain number of countries we only offer tracked shipping.  

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