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Stationery Boxes


Our stationery boxes are our pride and joy! We love researching, brain storming and designing every item in our stationery box. Our boxes are inspired by nature, our love for reading and all things old.

Our boxes are released every 3-4 months. Inside you'll find a mixture of limited edition items, never been released products and paper goods handmade by us. Each box contains one limited edition sealing stamp, that you can only find in this stationery box! All items in our boxes are lovingly hand drawn by us using watercolours or drawn digitally via Procreate.

What is included in the stationery box?

Each box is unique. We will usually reveal the sealing stamp and washi tapes, however all other items are a surprise until you receive the parcel!

Typically you will receive:

  • Limited edition sealing stamp
  • Washi Tapes
  • Stickers
  • Paper goods handmade by us 
  • Additional stationery items - sealing wax, notepad, sticker pads

Every stationery box contains items with approx. total value of £70.

Still curious? 

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A Study of Flowers Unboxing (Spring 2021) by Vivian (The Paper Letter Blog YouTube Channel) 


Step into Fall Unboxing (Autumn 2020) by Kristi (@bujoescape)