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March Printable - Sweet Daisy

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March Printable - Sweet Daisy
Hey friends!

We really can't believe it is already March! That short February threw me off a bit! I felt like I was missing a week or so. Last week I saw crocuses in the garden!! Spring is finally here, we are so happy!

February has been a busy month for us, with the move and the release of our spring stationery boxes! It has also been quite tough with the lockdown still in place but thankfully we have been kept busy. Hoping we will be able to see our family soon. Our Dad is itching to put some shelves up in the little home office!
Last month we released our newest washi tape series, A Study of Flowers and of course our latest printable had to match it too! 

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With lots of love,

Note & Wish

Jessica and Rebecca xo

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