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Pressed Flowers and Floral Postage Stamps Stickers, Note & Wish Stickers

✨Closed for maternity leave! Return date TBC✨

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Pressed Flowers
Floral Postage Stamp
Both sets (4 sheets)

Welcome to our Secret Garden collection. Inspired by our ideal summer spending time tending our secret garden, pressing flowers and making paper.

These stickers are part of the Secret Garden collection, as shown in the last photo.

A6 stickers printed on high quality washi paper (105x148 mm, 4-1/8 x 5-7/8 in)

- Pressed flowers - Each sheet has 22 stickers, 2 sheets included
- Floral postage stamps - Each sheet has 20 stickers, 2 sheets included (1 sheet in green and another in purple)

These stickers can be purchased altogether in a value pack.


To reduce packaging, any stickers bought will be packed together in one packet. If you would like the stickers to be individually packed please indicate at checkout or send us a message. 




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